Everything You Need To Know About Our Cult-fave Rice Collection!

Rice Paper  Rated a solid 4.9/5 by botanical beauty enthusiasts, these unique blotting papers are infused with natural Rice Powder.- Reduces shine and absorbs excess oil Great for touch-ups Keeps makeup intact Rice Pressed Powder  Sensitive-skin-friendly and quite handy, this makeup marvel is a true mattify-ing master! Leaves a silky smooth finish Eliminates shine completely Makes makeup last longer Loose Rice Powder Used over foundation for best results, this powder merges old and new beauty traditions.  Mattifies…

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In Focus: The Definer Contour & Highlight Palette

Contouring and highlighting- can you even imagine a makeup routine without either of the BIGGEST makeup trends of our millenium? Neither can we! Makeup enthusiasts – seasoned or new on-the-block are aware about the power of a cut-throat contour coupled with a blinding highlight. So what if you could include contouring and highlighting into your makeup routines- everyday? Yes, you read that right! With our newest launch of the season – The Definer Contour &…

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4 Hacks To Overcome Most Common Mascara Problems!

1. How to avoid Clumpy Mascara Mascara being one of the very last steps in the makeup routine, clumpy lashes can ruin the whole look Solution: The key to smooth, sleek, and clump-free lashes is a moisturizing formula and a lash hugging brush. To re-hydrate mascara simply add a couple drops of alcohol-based makeup remover, stir the wand (do not pump) around in the tube to mix, and enjoy luscious, clump-free lashes instantly! 2. Only Lasts…

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4 Products That Zap Away Shine & Beat Oily Skin!

If you are reading this and you think no one understands the struggle of an oily t-zone by lunchtime, then you are definitely not alone! So the question remains, what’s the best solution to handle oily skin no matter what season it is? And the answer is rice powder. This magical little ingredient featured in Palladio Beauty’s Rice Collection has proven to do wonders for even the toughest cases of oily skin. Take a peek below, as we have…

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Written In The Stars: Your Zodiac Based Beauty Look

Featured Image Source: Oprah.com 1. Aries Image Source: Vinito.com Fiery Aries women are physically animated, always on the go, and striking in their appearance. Bold brows, a bold lip, and intense liner should all be in the Aries beauty bag for a flawless, and “here I am” look. 2. Taurus Image Source: IDiva An Earth sign and lover of all things natural, it’s no surprise that the signature beauty look for the grounded Taurus woman…

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