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Palladio 4 Ever + Ever Make up Setting Matte Finish Spray , ,

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Get oil and shine under control with this mattifying spray. With long lasting ingredients that hold makeup in place from AM to PM, you can be confident that your makeup won’t melt during a busy day. Infused with aloe, this spray also soothes the skin and leaves your face feeling smooth and looking vibrant.

How to use?

Unlike most mists, this one only takes two spritzes to totally wake-up skin. Hold at arms length (about eight to 10 inches) directly in front of your face and gently release the product. Allow a few seconds for mist to fully penetrate into skin before moving on to the next steps in your skincare or makeup routine. Be sure to shake spray well before use.

PRO-TIP: Need a 3 PM beauty pick-me-up? Mist this hydrating spray to instantly brighten skin and deliver an instant makeup refresh.



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