Makeup Trends You Can Easily Adapt With Palladio Beauty February 11, 2020 – Posted in: Eyes, Face, Get Inspired, Lips

New decade, new makeup. Tis’ the time to make makeup resolutions you can actually keep. We all love to experiment when it comes to makeup looks, don’t we? But sometimes we end up repeating the same old, same old mostly due to the lack of willpower. The willpower to plan in advance, stock up on various makeup assets that will turn those can’ts into cans. But not anymore, ladies. It is 2020 already and we know you have been stalking Instagram for makeup looks you really, really, really want to adapt. Well, you are not alone in this. We are literally sailing in the same boat. But just that, our insta-stalking skills are a notch above you.
Now, you can check ‘new makeup look’ off of your to-do list. All you need to do is, scroll down and stock up!

  1. Pre-highlighting 

Image Source: Nikki DeRoest

Of course, this one is here to stay. Pre-highlighting took the makeup world by storm as the glam industry’s best kept secret to that sacred dewy glow was revealed. Go ahead and feel free to smear your face with our I’M Glowing Liquid Highlighter.   Remember to do it before you get your base makeup on.

    2. Red Lips

Image Source: @margotrobbielise

Surprise, surprise. A hit at the Golden Globes this year, the ladies on the red carpet proved that this trend is NEVER going anywhere. Get ready to set the world on fire with our Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color in the shade, Panne. 

Warning: Applying this will cause a series of head turns.

3. Iridescent Lilac Eyeshadow

Image Source: @oyalrockyreports

This makeup trend is quite literally inter-galactic and quite honestly, perfect to start the decade with. If 2020 is going to all about looking wildly futuristic, check out Palladio Beauty’s eyeshadow quad in Spellbound.

    4. Feathered Brows

Image Source: @taylor_hill

Reminiscent of the 80s, feathered brows in makeup routines are all the rage. Especially with celebs we absolutely look up to for all things beauty. Brow hair defined and brushed up softly is a tiny beauty tweak that can make a huge impact. Try it with our Brow Definer Pencil to achieve a totally insta-worthy look. 

Comment below and let us know which one you shall definitely go for!