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    Everything You Need To Know About Our Cult-fave Rice Collection!

    Rice Paper  Rated a solid 4.9/5 by botanical beauty enthusiasts, these unique blotting papers are infused with natural Rice Powder.- Reduces shine and absorbs excess oilGreat for touch-upsKeeps makeup intact Rice Pressed Powder  Sensitive-skin-friendly and…
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    These Lip Balms That Can Easily Replace Your Favorite Lipstick!

    Tis’ the season of Lip Balm! Plain or tinted, winters without your go-to lip balm is totally unimaginable. Though, a tinted lip balm is one such product that combines your need for skincare and your…
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    In Focus: The Definer Contour & Highlight Palette

    Contouring and highlighting- can you even imagine a makeup routine without either of the BIGGEST makeup trends of our millenium? Neither can we! Makeup enthusiasts – seasoned or new on-the-block are aware about the power…
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    Take a peek into our vanity cases and stock on makeup must-haves from Palladio Beauty, India. Welcome 2019 with a host of products that are paraben and cruelty-free! Dual Wet & Dry Foundation Why: Our…