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By Neha Gupta | | 0 Comments

You know when that highlight bling? Hailey Beiber, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Deepika Padukone. We (insta) stalked these celebs day in and day out to discover their secret to that ‘glowing-from-within’ kind of sheen. Our initial thought was, it’s that ‘hey-i-am-super-successful-kind-of-glow’ but upon further stalking, we discovered the power of not just any ordinary highlight, but pre-highlighting.


Just to be absolutely clear, pre-highlighting doesn’t make your cheeks pop a la Chrissy Teigen. But what it does is, gives you that much coveted, natural ‘i-just-got-done-at-the-gym’ glow. This highlighting technique perfect for day, night and everything in between, get ready to know something that’s going to change your makeup routines for something good!

First things first, you need a highlighter that has the power to shine through your foundation, concealer, setting powder, the works. (Feel free to go through our website for a vitamin-infused highlighter that not just looks good, but is also good for you) In order to get that highlight absolutely right, we used the I’M Glowing Liquid Highlighter.


Scroll down for step-by-step-rundown on how to achieve the highlight of your dreams:

1. Wash your face thoroughly and pat it dry with gentle care.
2. Apply a not-so-generous amount of moisturizer, followed by a primer to even complexion
3. Now we come to the best part: rub the highlighter all over your cheek-bones, bridge of the nose, smear it on your forehead and as a finishing touch, dab a bit towards the tapering end of your chin.
4. Let it be for a minute or two and then you can move on to your makeup routine.

You must definitely be wondering about the reasoning behind pre-highlighting, we are sure. Cause so did we, until we actually tried it! The huge difference that we noticed was how beautifully diffused, the glow was more like a natural highlight than usual. Since the entire face was covered in highlight, the rest of the face makeup needed to be used was very minimal and totally on-point. Not only does the highlighter act as a barrier but it also lets you avoid applying excessive foundation or concealer. Thus, giving your makeup look a wholesome, bright and shiny touch.

Try it to believe it!

By Neha Gupta