4 Times A Setting Spray Can Come To The Rescue February 14, 2020 – Posted in: Face, Get Inspired

Upon the advent of setting spray, our makeup routines have nothing short of revolutionized. Be it dewy or matte, a makeup setting spray can work wonders with a single spritz. The functionality of a setting spray is to keep your makeup completely centered and also last longer. 

But more often than not, even a hard core, seasoned makeup junkie ignores their makeup routine’s call for a setting spray. You never know when the need shall arise. What if you are late to an important meeting all prim and proper with a faceful of makeup and suddenly it starts running on your clothes? Well, life happens and we just cannot control it sometimes. Sometimes all you MIGHT need to not have a disastrous day is a makeup setting spray.

Palladio Beauty prides itself on the functionality and the easy use of its products. Hence introducing a setting spray was literally a no-brainer. Unlike most makeup setting sprays, this one only takes two spritzes to totally wake your skin up. And on the bright side, this setting spray comes infused with the goodness of… wait for it… ALOE! Yep, you read that right. 

Scroll down and find out how this wonder-product can be a true blue blessing-in-disguise. 

  1. Excess Oil Control – We all know. Excess oil production is an absolute buzz-kill. But with a setting spray right within your reach, you can totally keep it under control!
  2. Dry Skin – Putting on a faceful of makeup can also make your skin feel dry and parched. Save your from being on the edge and engage it with 2-3 spritzes of Palladio Beauty’s mattifying setting spray!
  3. Impromptu Photo-op – In a world dominated by Instagram, you never know when you have to click a pic and look fresh in it. Enter setting spray to make your face look like a blooming flower!
  4. Never-fading Eyeshadow – Yep, it is a dream. And very much possible! Spritz setting spray onto a clean shadow brush and press gently over your eye makeup to make it last all day.

Stop waiting and buy a setting spray like NOW!