4 Reasons You Should Buy Paraben free Products ONLY May 22, 2020 – Posted in: Get Inspired

Paraben free products or nothing. Paraben free products for the win! Paraben free products are the future of beauty and skincare. These 3 words – paraben free products, we’ve been hearing a lot since almost five years back now. Mostly targeted towards the conscious consumer, a lot brands tend to throw around the words paraben free products quite a lot. 

We are sure, you must’ve googled paraben-free products at least once in your makeup loving lifetime. But, just in case we don’t leave anything out let’s touch base again on what parabens actually are. Parabens are a type of preservative that actually and literally stops your makeup and skincare going off of your face. 

So, what’s all the fuss about not using products that have them? 

Well, scroll down and find out. 

  1. Healthy body, healthy mind
    According to a study published by the WHO, parabens are known carcinogens and are quite likely to cause Cancer. The study should be taken extremely seriously (google it, girl!) in order to avoid any lasting damages to health.
  2. Youthful, radiant skin
    Did you know? Parabens actually speed up the ageing process of skin! Yep, you read that right. A lot of supposed “anti-ageing” products contain parabens that aid ageing. Enter paraben-free products that boost collagen, paving the way for that glowy skin.
  3. No more allergies!
    Do you suffer from rashes, no matter what you do to make them not wreak havoc in your life? Check your go-to makeup product for unseen parabens and then immediately shift to an eclectic range of paraben free products.
  4.  Preservation of Mother Earth
    This might seem like a really, really long shot to you. But using paraben free products goes a long, long way to protect and preserve the environment. Parabens are flushed out into the ocean at a very large scale, when you rinse the products off your face into the washbasin.
    So to save the water bodies and its inhabitants from harm, switch to paraben free products that not just look good on you, but are also good for you!