4 Perks Of Wearing Mascara And Nothing Else May 22, 2020 – Posted in: Uncategorized

A mascara speaks louder than words. It’s wand actually spins magic and if applied correctly, goes a long, long way. And the best part about the mascara is that it can make or break your entire look. Be it a full face makeup look or the infamous no makeup makeup look, both are incomplete without a fully functional mascara

Voluminous, curly, full or unruly. A mascara can always, always help you achieve lashes you envy and admire. But what if you wear ONLY mascara?  No liner, no eyeshadow. Just oodles and oodles of mascara to keep your peepers company. 

We went all out with mascaras ONLY for an entire week and discovered that true beauty lies in the eyes of the person who wears the mascara. 

Scroll down as we dish out deets on something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time. 

  1. Fuss-free makeup routines
    An easy makeup routine, especially for the ones on-the-go is unimaginable. Enter 4D Boost Mascara! If, all you crave are lashes for days and nothing else, this one will definitely find you. It defines your overall makeup look and compliments formal, office attire like no other.

  2. Big lashes, don’t care
    Make your lashes THE centre of attention. Let the mascara play to your strength and not the other way around. Check out Palladio’s Curls Rule Mascara that has a belly-shaped whirl wand for outstanding curling effect. One curl and you are all set to rule the no-eye-makeup look.

  3. No smear, no fear!
    Anticipating a long day at work that might just end up in tears? Well, it is best not to put ANY makeup then on the eyes except for our now best friend, the Lash Obsessed Mascara. It provides extreme definition by amping up the length and volume of the lashes and is totally, totally smudge-proof. Long day at work, what?

  4. Minimalist beauty routine unlocked
    If you are looking to Mary Kondo your eye makeup routine, Palladio’s Maxxlash Mascara Fits the purpose entirely. Get to that minimalism in makeup with a single stroke! Though, make sure you put some on your lower lashes too for a look that looks complete.