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  • mascaratricksmsn

    4 Hacks To Overcome Most Common Mascara Problems!

    1. Clumpy Mascara Image Source: Google Mascara being one of the very last steps in the makeup routine, clumpy lashes can ruin the whole look Solution: The key to smooth, sleek, and clump-free lashes is…
  • primer

    4 Products That Zap Away Shine & Beat Oily Skin!

    If you are reading this and you think no one understands the struggle of an oily t-zone by lunchtime, then you are definitely not alone! So the question remains, what’s the best solution to handle…
  • makeup

    Written In The Stars: Your Zodiac Based Beauty Look

    Featured Image Source: Oprah.com 1. Aries Image Source: Vinito.com Fiery Aries women are physically animated, always on the go, and striking in their appearance. Bold brows, a bold lip, and intense liner should all be…
  • makeup

    3 Surprisingly Easy Makeup Looks to Add to Your Routine!

    Throughout the years, makeup has evolved exponentially, bouncing from one trend to another. While last year we were all about dark and imperfect black liner that rimmed our entire eye, this year the trend has…